Australian network failure: Millions of users affected

Posted by Relianoid Admin | 8 November, 2023 | Miscelanea

A massive telecommunications outage struck Australia, leaving millions of citizens and businesses without mobile and internet services due to a network failure at the telecommunications company Optus. This disruption led to significant transportation delays, the loss of hospital phone connections, and the shutdown of payment systems.

Telecom giant attacked

Optus, the nation’s second-largest telecommunications provider, reported that over 10 million individuals and numerous businesses were impacted by the outage. Service restoration took approximately 12 hours, and Optus ruled out any evidence of a cyber attack as the cause of the issue. The company attributed the problem to a “technical network fault” and indicated that further investigation would be necessary to determine its root cause.


The outage had serious consequences, as it prevented people across Australia from reaching emergency services and critical helpline numbers. Train services in Victoria were also temporarily disrupted. Additionally, other service providers relying on the Optus network, such as Amaysim, Aussie Broadband, Moose Mobile, and others, were affected by the failure.

Official statement

The company issued an apology for the network failure and emphasized the need for a comprehensive investigation into the root cause. They stated, “Until we’ve conducted a thorough analysis, we cannot provide further details. What I can confirm is that it was a technical network issue, and our teams worked tirelessly to restore services as swiftly as possible.” Expressed regret over the incident and a commitment to learning from it.


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