New release RELIANOID ADC LOAD BALANCER Community Edition v7

Posted by Relianoid Admin | 7 November, 2023 | Miscelanea

We are proud to announce the release of RELIANOID Community Edition v7!


The new features achieved with this release are:
[system] Full rebranding to RELIANOID
[system] Kernel 6.1 based on Debian Bookworm 12.2
[system] OpenSSLv3 support
[system] Seamless upgrade from Community to Enterprise Edition
[system] Seamless upgrade from Community v5 to v7
[system] Python3 and perl 5.36
[system] Curl 7 support
[system] ISO size optimization for a lightweight deployment
[cluster] community stateless cluster included by default
[farms] reverse proxy support for auto DH ciphers generation

Release notes

This release provides a huge step in regards of big upgrade of the Operating System as it is based on Debian Bookworm 12.2 with Linux Kernel 6.1 which is very significant in regards to bootup speed and drivers improvements for a better system resource usage. Also, the Linux the kernel has continued to evolve with ongoing codebase cleanups and maintenance, ensuring stability and reliability in the Linux ecosystem.

OpenSSL version 3 (OpenSSL 3.0.0), which is a significant update to the widely-used cryptographic library, brings several key improvements, including enhanced modularity, improved security, and better support for modern cryptographic algorithms and protocols. OpenSSL 3 introduces a modular architecture, allowing developers to more easily customize their builds and reduce the attack surface. It features better support for the latest TLS versions, like TLS 1.3, as well as post-quantum cryptographic algorithms, addressing emerging security concerns. The library also includes numerous bug fixes and performance optimizations, while OpenSSL’s API has been refined for cleaner code and better usability, promoting safer cryptographic practices and more flexible integration into various software applications.

Also, the Community v7 ISO is optimized for a lightweight deployment saving more than 200 MBs due to duplication of files that usually distributions provides, but also, with only the required packages needed to build a RELIANOID Load Balancer. This way, we’re saving time, bandwidth, disk and computation resources. In addition to that, the RELIANOID Team has prepared a seamless upgrade procedure from Community Edition v5 to v7 to make easy the transition for all of our users.

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