Discover RELIANOID’s Journey of Innovation and Advancement in Load Balancing Technology




RELIANOID 7.0.0 (Community Edition)

7 November, 2023

New features:
[system] Full rebranding to RELIANOID
[system] Kernel 6.1 based on Debian Bookworm 12.2
[system] OpenSSLv3 support
[system] Seamless upgrade from Community to Enterprise Edition
[system] Seamless upgrade from Community v5 to v7
[system] Python3 and perl 5.36
[system] Curl 7 support
[system] ISO size optimization for a lightweight deployment
[cluster] community stateless cluster included by default
[farms] reverse proxy support for auto DH ciphers generation

RELIANOID 6.2.31 (Enterprise Edition)

30 October, 2023

[system] automate grub-pc update

[core] fix invalid cross-device link when copying files
[system] fix error apt config not properly done
[system] security advisories fixed: CVE-2022-48565, CVE-2020-24165, CVE-2023-39417, CVE-2023-43804, CVE-2023-43787, CVE-2023-4752, CVE-2023-4781, CVE-2019-11324, CVE-2020-11080, CVE-2022-48560, CVE-2023-29499, CVE-2023-44487, CVE-2020-19189, CVE-2020-26137, CVE-2022-48564, CVE-2023-3180, CVE-2023-36054, CVE-2018-25091, CVE-2019-11236, CVE-2023-0330, CVE-2022-48566, CVE-2023-28321, CVE-2020-21047, CVE-2023-32611, CVE-2023-32665, CVE-2023-43785, CVE-2023-43786, CVE-2023-40217, CVE-2023-34969

RELIANOID 5.21.1 (Community Edition)

20 October, 2023

[gui] fix button panels for creation of objects

RELIANOID 5.21.0 (Community Edition)

10 October, 2023

New features:
[system] seamless upgrade from Community Edition to Enterprise

[system] automatize grub-pc configuration update

[farms] fix debian buster apt sources

RELIANOID 6.2.30 (Enterprise Edition)

21 September, 2023

[system] RELIANOID rebranding
[system] SNMP filter excess of logging
[system] faster connection to the updates repository
[system] include virtualization drivers by default
[ipds] include ipds package by default
[ipds] use secure HTTPS service for remote security lists

[farms] fix race condition during bulk farms action
[system] security advisories fixed: CVE-2020-13253, CVE-2020-14394, CVE-2020-15469, CVE-2020-15859, CVE-2020-17380, CVE-2020-25084, CVE-2020-25085, CVE-2020-25624, CVE-2020-25625, CVE-2020-25723, CVE-2020-27617, CVE-2020-27821, CVE-2020-28916, CVE-2020-29129, CVE-2020-29130, CVE-2020-29443, CVE-2020-35504, CVE-2020-35505, CVE-2021-20181, CVE-2021-20196, CVE-2021-20203, CVE-2021-20221, CVE-2021-20257, CVE-2021-3392, CVE-2021-3409, CVE-2021-3416, CVE-2021-3507, CVE-2021-3527, CVE-2021-3582, CVE-2021-3592, CVE-2021-3593, CVE-2021-3594, CVE-2021-3595, CVE-2021-3607, CVE-2021-3608, CVE-2021-3682, CVE-2021-3713, CVE-2021-3748, CVE-2021-3930, CVE-2021-4206, CVE-2021-4207, CVE-2022-0216, CVE-2022-1050, CVE-2022-26354, CVE-2022-35414, CVE-2021-23239, CVE-2023-22809, CVE-2023-32681, CVE-2023-38408, CVE-2023-3446, CVE-2023-3817, CVE-2019-13115, CVE-2019-17498, CVE-2020-22218

RELIANOID 5.20.0 (Community Edition)

31 August, 2023

[system] RELIANOID rebranding
[proxy] use stable reverse proxy

[farms] fix race condition during bulk farms action
[farms] fix delete api http farm for old proxy
[system] security advisories fixed

RELIANOID 6.2.25 (Enterprise Edition)

14 June, 2023

[cluster] Improved ssyncd daemon logging
[farm] Allow set Alive parameter lower than ConnTO parameter when new generation proxy is disabled
[system] Improved logging when installing new Relianoid packages
[system] Added ipv6 routing info in Supportsave

[cluster] Fixed sessions synchronization in HTTP farm with several services using persistence
[ssl] Fixed creating an existent Let’s Encrypt certificate
[routing] Fixed configure default IPv6 gateway
[farms] Fixed creating farms using IPv6 in VIP
[system] Fixed the following vulnerability issues:
CVE-2022-47015, CVE-2021-38185, CVE-2019-14866, CVE-2023-0466, CVE-2023-0465, CVE-2023-2650, CVE-2023-0464, CVE-2022-4141, CVE-2023-0054, CVE-2023-2610 and CVE-2023-1175

Relianoid 5.13.4 (Community Edition)

9 June, 2023

[lslb] Avoid duplicating backends with the same IP and port
[proxy] Improved Err directives in the configuration file
[proxy] Code optimization
[proxy] Disallow broadcast IPs for backends

[lslb] Fixed start HTTP Farm when the process is running but PID file does not exist
[lslb] Fixed error in the farm config file when adding persistence
[proxy] Fix memory leaks on service unification
[proxy] Fix PARM type persistence
[proxy] Fix possible segmentation fault in Sessions CTL calls

Relianoid 6.2.24 (Enterprise Edition)

30 May, 2023

[ipds] Improved the WAF Assistant management

[webgui] fixed Let’s Encrypt validate domains
[ipds] fixed Ruleset WAF status management
[cluster] fixed conntrack state initial synchronization