ZEVENET official announcement

ZEVENET becomes RELIANOID and Skudonet

ZEVENET project and brand is in the process of extinction in favor of the two new awesome projects called RELIANOID and Skudonet which will ensure the continuity of the Zevenet products and services to all our customers and users. Both projects are legitimate to continue with the great work done all these years with ZEVENET. You’re in good hands.

Message from Laura GarcíaFounder CEO at RELIANOID

With our experience and good practices being the brain and core behind years of development and success with Zevenet and Zen Load Balancer, I’ve founded RELIANOID with a team of high talented skills to provide the next level of load balancing services and application delivery.

My team and myself, we’ve been in charge of the main load balancing cores at layer4 (nftlb) and layer7 (proxy), but also, I’ve been committed during more than 10 years of the R&D for Zevenet to build an advanced linux networking system even at kernel level. Such work I’ve presented in different technical events around the world. This is mostly backstage work that usually customers and partners are not aware of. Also, in my Team we’ve PhD on Linux Networking to provide the best resolution of problems but also to gather the best performance, but also, the main Zevenet Architect has decided to join our Team at RELIANOID.


Relianoid is an application delivery controller that ensures high performance and security of IT services on a massive scale.

Our Vision

We acquired a lot of experience with the development of Zevenet and Zen Load Balancer, so the RELIANOID Team is ready to build great load balancing products with the best services, but also, more agile development processes and more efficient procedures with the RELIANOID ADC solution.

All platforms supported (Physical, Virtual and Cloud) with both Community and Enterprise Editions available.

We are working very hard to offer you soon the next generation of SRE solutions, joining the expertise of Application Delivery to auto-scaling, service discovery, automated deployment, and easy management with the most cutting-edge technology ready for the Enterprise.


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