Ways to find breached data

Posted by Admin | 17 May, 2022 | Miscelanea

Data breaches are a looming threat that can have a profound impact on individuals, governments, and organizations. The loss of sensitive information can result in irreparable harm. As our digital footprint continues to expand with every passing moment, the risk of data compromise grows, making it imperative to stay vigilant.

Lack of awareness and understanding of cybersecurity concepts poses a significant threat to the public. To safeguard your personal information and determine if it has been compromised in recent or past breaches, numerous websites offer tools to search for breached data.

Have I Been Pwned

“Have I Been Pwned” is among the most renowned and trusted platforms in this domain. It diligently tracks data breaches, verifies their authenticity, and keeps users informed about their data’s safety.

The website features a user-friendly search bar where you can enter your mobile number or email address to check for leaked data. If breached data is found, the result is highlighted in red. All compromised accounts are listed along with the breached data and its source.

By signing up for email alerts, you can receive notifications if your email address appears in a recent breach.


Dehashed is a comprehensive hacked-database search engine that caters to individuals, companies, and organizations searching for their compromised confidential information.

Dehashed offers various search options, including usernames, IP addresses, emails, phone numbers, VIN numbers, and addresses. Notably, it also allows for reverse password and hash searches. To unlock the full potential of the website, a subscription is required, which provides real-time asset monitoring, multiple asset tracking, unlimited asset searches, and 24/7 customer support.

Intelligence X

Intelligence X is a European technology firm specializing in search engine development and data archives. What sets it apart are its unique features:

Intelligence X allows multiple search terms, including emails, phone numbers, VINs, Bitcoin addresses, domains, URLs, IPs, CIDR, IPFS, and hashes.
It scours various corners of the internet, including the darknet and document sharing platforms, to optimize search results.
The platform maintains historical data archives, such as the Wayback Machine.

IntelligenceX provides the source documents of breaches, containing leaked information, offering invaluable insights for tracking compromised data.

Breach Checker

Breach Checker is an open-source tool developed by Passbae to provide summaries of breached accounts over the past years.

Users can search using their emails, and the output provides information on the threat level, the number of compromised accounts, and the date of the breach. Details about each breached account, including the company name and event date, are listed, along with verification status.

Have I Been Sold

“Have I Been Sold” was inspired by “Have I Been Pwned” and offers a unique functionality. It scans to determine if your information has been sold, a common occurrence after data breaches as hackers attempt to profit from leaked data on the darknet or the web.

The search uses email addresses, and the platform provides an option to remove critical information from their database. It also offers alerts for future breaches. Users are provided with a reference guide on how to prevent their email from being sold.


While no single method can guarantee the absolute security of your data, checking your personal information across multiple websites can enhance traceability and provide valuable insights. In the event of a data breach, take immediate action by changing your credentials and implementing security measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA). Stay vigilant to protect your digital presence in an increasingly interconnected world.