New release RELIANOID ADC LOAD BALANCER Enterprise Edition v6.2.30

Posted by Relianoid Admin | 21 September, 2023 | Announces

We are delighted to announce the release of RELIANOID Enterprise Edition v6.2.30 .


The improvements achieved with this release are:
[system] RELIANOID rebranding
[system] SNMP filter excess of logging
[system] faster connection to the updates repository
[system] include virtualization drivers by default
[ipds] include ipds package by default
[ipds] use secure HTTPS service for remote security lists

Regarding the bugfixes, we can highlight the following:
[farms] fix race condition during bulk farms action
[system] security advisories fixed: CVE-2020-13253, CVE-2020-14394, CVE-2020-15469, CVE-2020-15859, CVE-2020-17380, CVE-2020-25084, CVE-2020-25085, CVE-2020-25624, CVE-2020-25625, CVE-2020-25723, CVE-2020-27617, CVE-2020-27821, CVE-2020-28916, CVE-2020-29129, CVE-2020-29130, CVE-2020-29443, CVE-2020-35504, CVE-2020-35505, CVE-2021-20181, CVE-2021-20196, CVE-2021-20203, CVE-2021-20221, CVE-2021-20257, CVE-2021-3392, CVE-2021-3409, CVE-2021-3416, CVE-2021-3507, CVE-2021-3527, CVE-2021-3582, CVE-2021-3592, CVE-2021-3593, CVE-2021-3594, CVE-2021-3595, CVE-2021-3607, CVE-2021-3608, CVE-2021-3682, CVE-2021-3713, CVE-2021-3748, CVE-2021-3930, CVE-2021-4206, CVE-2021-4207, CVE-2022-0216, CVE-2022-1050, CVE-2022-26354, CVE-2022-35414, CVE-2021-23239, CVE-2023-22809, CVE-2023-32681, CVE-2023-38408, CVE-2023-3446, CVE-2023-3817, CVE-2019-13115, CVE-2019-17498, CVE-2020-22218

Release notes

In this latest release, we’ve significantly improved the activation certificates checker, resulting in faster access to the updates repository and reducing request times by approximately 5 seconds. We’ve also minimized excessive logging by the SNMPd daemon, preventing system log overload from frequent connection entries. Additionally, remote lists are now accessed securely via HTTPS using the new domain; please ensure your firewalls and proxies allow connectivity to the * domain from your load balancer appliances. We’ve addressed several security CVEs related to openssh-client, openssh-server, openssh-sftp-server, libssh2-1, sudo, python-requests, and qemu-utils. Lastly, we’ve resolved a critical bug tied to a race condition during bulk farm operations, preventing unexpected errors.

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