Huge DDoS attack against US financial institution successfully thwarted

Posted by Relianoid Admin | 12 September, 2023 | Reports

A Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) company such as RELIANOID reports successfully thwarting a significant distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack directed at a major US bank earlier this month. This attack reached its peak at 55.1 million packets per second on September 5.

Cybersecurity for Banks and Financial companies

The targeted financial institution, one of the largest and most influential in the United States, faced a network traffic onslaught lasting less than two minutes. During this brief period, the attack reached a staggering 633.7 gigabits per second, employing various attack vectors such as ACK, PUSH, RESET, and SYN flood, as detailed by several experts in the field, such as Craig Sparling and Sandeep Rath.

Remarkably, despite the massive wave of incoming packets aimed at the bank’s primary web landing page in an attempt to disrupt online banking services, there was no collateral damage or degradation of service, as affirmed by Sparling and Rath shortly before the weekend.

RELIANOID as a SRE stopping DDoS Attacks

This incident marks a clear occasion where SRE companies such as RELIANOID are able to successfully mitigate one of the ‘largest-ever’ DDoS attack, so thanks to companies who develop these security procedures, sensible data and users traffic are much safer. In the past year, another SRE expert team thwarted a record-breaking DDoS attack against one of its European clients, peaking at 704.8 million packets per second. Additionally, in February 2023, again, the largest DDoS attack against an Asia-Pacific customer was blocked; it reached 900.1 gigabits per second and 158.2 million packets per second at its zenith.

This latest attack is notable for being the largest ever directed at a US financial institution.

Importance of SRE as a way to avoid cyberattacks

RELIANOID has proven to reach more than 45 million packets per second per core, so its features are more than capable of providing the needed security and reliability for a company with strategic communications at stake. You can find more info about our drops benchmarks.

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