Cost-effective IT investment with Open Technologies

Posted by Admin | 28 September, 2016 | Reports

Due the Digital Era we live in, it is rare finding a company which dispense with computer technology. Nowadays, IT technologies are a must for delivering a business services, reason why it becomes unavoidable facing the challenge of creating an stable and reliable IT infrastructure that supports that business activity.

The investment in technology should be tied to an added value proposition, in this regard, an open delivery model facilitates the growth of the business avoiding the limitations tighten to privatives software vendors.

Here we describe some of the benefits of the open delivery model.

Controlled Cost

The open delivery model allows not only to minimize the operations costs but also, the expenditures of scaling the business. When the business is growing, the requirements of building a scalable, available, resilient and performance network, services and data need to grow as well. For example, when a company opens new branches.

Open technology not only reduces the acquisition and the budget contention, but also diminish the recurring costs, improving the ROI provided.


Remote working dynamic is a reality in many companies model. The open technology not only provides solutions to improve productivity with geographical spread teams, also ensures the availability of these collaborative platforms through a globalization of dispersed infrastructures.

Simplify Flexibility

Investing in innovative and agile technologies allows to make your business grow simplifying the flexibility of your infrastructure.

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