[ANNOUNCE] nftlb 1.0.9 release

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    I’m honored to present

    nftlb 1.0.9

    nftlb is the core of load balancing at layer 4 in ZEVENET
    and RELIANOID ADC Load Balancer.

    nftlb stands for nftables load balancer, a user-space tool
    that builds a complete load balancer and traffic distributor
    using the nft infrastructure.

    nftlb is a nftables rules manager that creates virtual services
    for load balancing at layer 2, layer 3 and layer 4, minimizing
    the number of rules and using structures to match efficiently the
    packets. It comes with an easy JSON API service to control,
    to monitor and automate the configuration.

    Most important changes in this version are:

    * Protect daemon authentication key against timing attack
    * Fix bulk application of farm policies with PATCH

    For further details, please refer to the official repository:


    You can download this tool from:


    Special thanks to the contribution of Samuel Forestier.

    Happy load balancing!

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