Casio Cyberattack Highlights the Urgent Need for Robust Cybersecurity even in Educational Sector

Posted by Relianoid Admin | 24 October, 2023 | Reports

Cyberattacks are a constant threat, and the latest victim is none other than the Japanese company Casio. Attackers have reportedly breached their servers, compromising the personal information of thousands of users from 149 countries. The breach appears to have targeted Casio’s ClassPad server, which is primarily geared towards the educational sector. In an official statement, Casio confirmed that the attackers gained control over hundreds of thousands of “items” belonging to users and organizations worldwide.

Intrusion into Casio’s Servers

According to the information available, the attackers accessed around 91,921 items belonging to users of the Japanese company, along with an additional 1,108 users from educational institutions. Furthermore, they also took control of approximately 35,049 items from users in 148 other countries. The compromised data includes names, email addresses, country of residence, transaction details, payment method information, license codes, and service usage data such as login details and identifiers. Casio stated that there is no evidence to suggest that the attackers gained access to users’ banking information. The breach came to light when an employee noticed unauthorized access to the company’s systems on October 11, as they identified an error in the company’s database.

The official statement reads, “At this time, it has been confirmed that some network security settings in the development environment were disabled due to an operational system error by the responsible department and insufficient operational management.”

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