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Citizens and businesses require agility to access and communicate with the government information through services online, easy to find and always available.


Relianoid helps governments and public-sector organizations around the world to step forward on the digital transformation and e-government movement through applications continuity and the required security for sensible data with cost-effective solutions.

High Availability

Public services works with critical services like medical treatments or surgeries. All citizen services depend on government’s databases which high availability should be guaranteed as part of the public services and security.

IPDS for Dos Protection

Government public services deal with critical sensitive data gathered in digital government databases. Securing e-government infrastructures is crucial for preventing and detecting intrusion threats. Zevenet has developed a IPDS module for protecting your servers against DoS attacks.

Scalability guaranteed

Digital services collapse due to high loads of requests and concurrent connections. Critical services demands agile solutions for ensuring it’s right performance, scalability guarantees high availability over any load given.


“Massive cyberattack targeting 99 countries causes sweeping havoc”

“Hospitals, major companies and government offices have been hit by a massive wave of cyberattacks across the globe …”

source: CNN tech

source: ZeroHedge

Organisations such as the European Commission, boost digital transformation programs and monitor each government yearly technical evolution, rewarding those countries which digital progress scores higher.

european commission egovernment graph

Why does the European Commission supports e-government?

e-governments implies public services optimisation and globalisation, for an improved and agile governance. Connectivity and technology is present in businesses and citizens daily life, therefore a fluid online connection with your government and public services it is becoming far more requested.

Delivering online services to business and citizens is a must


Using the potential of digital data boost economic growth. innovation, job creation as well as empower a general social progress. Organisms like the European Commission coordinate their support in order to abolish economics borders, digital data is essential for market growth and financial development.

Free flow data is on demand by different organisations

All data online, agile and accessible is a dream not far from today, but imagine how critical is digital security for protecting such amount of sensitive data.
Data centers, servers and infrastructures are the first steps of the digitalisation leader. Counting on the most secure, stable and scalable solution is vital. Acknowledging the total control of a solution allows the technical background of a digital government to manage each single node of data, links and network communication. Open Source software are highly advisable for this concern.

Along with a digitalisation of the governance, smart city evolves citizens’ environment using information and communication (ICT) technology and Internet of things (IoT) to manage public city’s assets and enhance services efficiency. Smartcities uses informatics and technology for monitoring urban services from where digital data is gathered. Servers are used to collect all this data and allow communication between devices and IT infrastructures. This data are running from d, allowing the interactions between official entities and citizens . As well as e-government is moving towards digitalisation, also cit It is important to include smartcities use to

Digitalisation is evolving towards smart city, smartcityoptimisation and efficiency, cost effectiveness and fluent global connection.

The higher hyperconnection we develop, the bigger