Zevenet I Open Day

Zevenet I Open Day

Talks, Hacking & Gaming


Zevenet HQ, Spain

20th of September 2018, from 14:00 to 17:00 UTC

Zevenet Open Day

Come to know us the 20th of September afternoon to meet with the Zevenet Team. Students, devops and professionals are welcome.

During 3 hours we’ve prepared some interesting activities like talks, hacking time & gaming.

20th September Afternoon.

    • 14:00UTC Presentation
    • 14:10UTC Tor: The Onion Router, inner and outer layers.
    • 14:45UTC Layer 4 session replication.
    • 15:20UTC Networking in Containers.
    • 15:55UTC How does modsecurity work?
    • 16:30UTC Freetime: Hacking & Gaming

*GMT+2 in Spain

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Talk: How The Onion Router (Tor) works

Talk: Real-time Session Replication

Talk: Networking in Containers (Spanish)