Network Security & Resilience

November 7th-8th 2023


In its 10th edition, the Luxembourg Internet Days event has solidified its position as an essential gathering for ICT, IT, and OT professionals seeking to convene, learn, and collaborate in addressing the technical and practical aspects of Internet-related challenges. This event, with RELIANOID as a key ally in securing networks for critical infrastructures and industry, assembles experts and thought leaders who grapple with the mounting pressures brought on by the convergence of IT and OT.

With a dedicated focus on Network Security & Resilience, the event’s mission is to unite professionals from diverse sectors who rely on the Internet and leverage Critical Infrastructures and Industry requirements to inspire innovation across the board. RELIANOID’S expertise plays a pivotal role in securing the networks that underpin these critical sectors.

The LUNOG6 Conference, once more, serves as a magnet for the local professional ecosystem deeply interested in Network Operations. Expert speakers lead interactive sessions aimed at elevating industry standards, with RELIANOID providing crucial support in enhancing network security.

Final-year students are warmly welcomed for an immersive glimpse into their impending professional journey. They will have the opportunity to partake in workshops, gain insights from inspiring business cases, and connect with potential employers, all while benefiting from the network security insights shared by RELIANOID.

We invite you to join us in Luxembourg, the renowned ICT hub nestled at the heart of Europe, for a truly enriching gathering where RELIANOID’s expertise reinforces the foundation of network security for critical infrastructures and industry.

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