Relianoid 6.1.26 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 1 March, 2022

[proxy] add migration script for old proxy configuration files
[proxy] add a monitor that relaunches the process if it detects a segfault signal
[farms] get farm PID from the PID file, not from the system
[api] add validations to GET stats API
[api] remove name field from GET /stats/system/network/interfaces
[rbac] avoid SO limitation pattern creating a local RBAC user
[guardian] add migration script for old farmguardian configuration files

[farms] fixed GSLB stats service validation
[farms] reset L4 farm backend priority, weight and max connection values if send null
[api] fixed the create and modify route validation
[api] fixed cookie insertion validation
[api] do not allow to create an HTTP cookie directive with any blank parameter
[api] fixed status parameter for GET /stats/system/network/interfaces
[networking] ignore DHCP parameter in interface API if it is equal to the configured one
[networking] fixed configure default gw in the main routing table when a NIC is modified
[networking] fixed an Interface that can be reconfigured with the same IP
[networking] fixed an Interface can be configured with the same IP as a Virtual Interface
[networking] fixed list tables from rt_tables when the name contains “-” character
[ipds] fixed not_match field from ipds rules API
[ipds] WAF: fixed get default_log rule field
[ipds] WAF: modify disable_rules field after deleting a rule
[ipds] WAF: update SecRuleRemoveById when a disabled rule is modified
[ipds] WAF: check the rule IDs when setting the disable rules param
[system] fixed notification sec rules
[system] notifications config dir is excluded from synchronization
[guardian] fixed farmguardian conf modification when modifying a farm name