Relianoid 6.1.25 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 3 December, 2021

[system] add to checkupgrade the option to convert the load balancer in an early adopter version

[system] change zproxy logs pattern to fix a notification issue
[system] add execution permissions to the rebuild_delreg_files new script
[system] fix netcat usage in the checkupgrade script
[ipds] fix schedule param message from IPDS
[ipds] fix issue to keep WAF ruleset change after a package update
[networking] remove a warning
[networking] fix wrong bonding status on network statistics API call
[syslog] change the tag of a message from error to info
[farms] fix a bug restarting GSLB farms in ZAPI v3
[farms] fix error checking GSLB configuration file
[farms] add a validation for the farm redirect parameter
[farms] fix updated backend sourceaddress in edit backend action