Relianoid 6.1.23 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 27 August, 2021

New features:
[farms] l4xnat: re-enable h232 protocol support

[config] clean config files when a NIC is removed from the system
[api] add root access permission check in API 3.2
[api] check AWS credentials and return code 400 in case of error, and new field status in GET /aws/credentials api
[config] separate nftlb debug config from global debug config
[webgui] check if the root user has access permission to the Web GUI before login
[networking] add a check for the rule action
[farms] l4xnat: speedup farm port ranges rules generation

[farms] l4xnat: fixed deleting persistence session for DSR
[config] fix misspelled global variable
[config] add missing semicolons in global.conf.template and add AZ logout in case of error setting AZ credentials
[system] fixed function input JSON decoding error in zevenet installation
[system] updated message after packages update
[zenbui] fixed remove previous interface configuration in Zenbui
[system] uninstall zevenet-ipds package at factory reset
[farms] l4xnat: fixed accept multiple ranges and ports as virtual port
[farms] l4xnat: fix elements flushing from a policy
[farms] l4xnat: add dynamic persistence rules and update timeout in DSR mode
[system] fixed the following vulnerabilities issues: CVE-2021-36222