Relianoid 6.1.19 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 10 May, 2021

[farms] improve the validation for l4xnat port ranges
[farms] configure ALL protocol when all ports are set
[farms] fix an issue related to virtual port when an l4xnat farm is created
[cluster] stop routes in the backup node when a virtual interface is deleted
[cluster] update the slave routing tables when a new route is added in the master node
[networking] remove from the system all custom routes that depend on an interface when this interface is stopped
[stats] fix extra pending connection calculation getting backend status
[stats] remove the initial undefined backend status
[ipds] WAF configures the “SecRequestBodyLimit” instead of ‘SecRequestBodyNoFilesLimit’
[ipds] set the “variable” parameter of WAF as mandatory
[webgui] show the name of the file when in a WAF rule the operator ‘strPhrasesFromFile’ or ‘ipMatchFromFile’ is set
[webgui] fix some typos
[webgui] fix the “update” action in WAF module
[webgui] remove the protocols: amanda, irc, h323, netbios-ns and sane
[webgui] fix errors in service editing when the service has the string “session”