Relianoid 6.1.14 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 11 December, 2020

[lslb] add a directive to HTTP farms to control the maximum HTTP body analyzed by the proxy.
[api] validate that the name of the objects won’t be “0”
[api] validate the netmask when an interface is modified
[system] add cron information to supportsave
[stats] get farm established connections from binary instead of conntrack (for HTTP profile)

[proxy] avoid double port appending in location rewrite.
[proxy] update session-id from the response.
[proxy] do not pass the HTTP body to the WAF when the HEAD method is used.
[proxy] reload WAF rulesets if the proxy daemon fails.
[webgui] fixed message of translations module.
[farms] force farms status down in boot time if the process is not running when is set
[farms] modify the VIP of the farms when the interface is modified (VLAN and bonding).
[lslb] confirm proxy is killed when HTTP farm is stopped.
[system] reconfiguring APT if the certificate serial changed when checkupgrades is executed.
[system] modify the Ssyncd binary path.
[stats] some graphs are not created depending on the bonding name.
[networking] failed to get interface status when it is unset.
[networking] DHCP does not start/stop in bonding interfaces
[networking] applying IP routes and IP rules after creating table ID
[rbac] a user without permissions could watch the farm stats and graphs.