Relianoid 6.1.13 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 13 November, 2020

[ipds] added the source IP in logs if WAF detects a threat
[farms] accepted none value in l4xnat for disabling persistence
[networking] it is not required to stop slaves from bonding before adding them to the interface
[webgui] homogenized buttons and forms in all the web GUI
[webgui] fixed some forms for routing configuration

[networking] fixed add new IPs and apply routes by netplug when the link is UP
[networking] fixed no check slaves when bringing UP a bonding
[cluster] cluster process is not checked if cluster service is not previously configured
[system] disabled useless SNMP errors in Syslog
[system] systems zevenet reload after executing migration scripts
[networking] fixed deleting old rules when a VLAN or bonding is deleted
[system] letsencrypt creates certificates in lower case
[ipds] WAF rules were not ordered properly
[farms] deleted old temporal files in /tmp/ for l4xnat serializer binary
[farms] modified the default value for directive 100-Continue.
[networking] fixed config status when bonding is created
[farms] error returned if the copy farm action fails
[farms] fixed copying a farm if WAF is configured
[networking] fixed error adding IPv6 routing rules
[networking] fixed writing routing rules if the web form field is unset
[networking] configure the NIC in status DOWN if it is added to a bonding
[ipds] fixed issue parsing WAF rules in web GUI view
[networking] Isolated NICs can be configured in the main table
[farms] priority column hidden in HTTP farms when proxy next generation is disabled
[farms] fixed some memory leaks in the l4xnat serializer