Relianoid 6.1.12 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 14 October, 2020

[system] updated libmodsecurity library
[cluster] cluster interface and slave interfaces can’t be edited
[networking] skip bonding mac change if it is already configured on the system
[zcli] autocomplete improvements for some calls
[cluster] improved the node replication objects when the cluster node not in MASTER role is reachable again
[webgui] added translation messages

[networking] fixed updating virtual interface mask
[cluster] sync any change in virtual interface
[networking] avoided configuring bonding interface twice starting zevenet service
[routing] global route params are used wen route table is listed
[rbac] supported dot in the username field
[farms] farmguardian was not stopped if node entered in the maintenance
[cluster] priority 10 causes Master role on the wrong node
[cluster] disable maintenance on the cluster node could be performed with cluster interface DOWN
[cluster] fixed resync node when a node leaves maintenance mode
[cluster] conntrack sync was not called properly once node entered in MASTER status
[farms] switching proxy ng was not done properly
[farms] avoided running a farm if virtual IP is no UP
[cluster] fixed leaves maintenance mode when a link UP is received
[farms] fixed HTTP(S) header persistence session
[farms] fixed error reloading WAF rules in HTTP(S) profiles