Relianoid 6.1 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 31 March, 2020

New features:
[networking] routing module to manage static routing rules
[webgui] multi Language module
[ipds] WAF rules editor from the web gui
[farms] button to copy farms
[rbac] LDAP connector to authenticate RBAC users
[system] introduce full management command line interface, named zcli
[farms] introduce high performance HTTP and HTTPS load balancing reverse proxy core, named zproxy
[api] introduce zapi version 4.0.1 including the new features automation
[farms] introduce priority algorithm for HTTP profile
[farms] introduce L4 DSR session persistence support

[ipds] blacklist update scheduler optimization
[system] add web gui section for advanced settings: ARP announcement, allow routing subnet duplication, session replication service management
[farms] allow creating farms with the same networking settings

[ipds] set the default action for all WAF phases