Relianoid 6.1.3 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 30 April, 2020

[networking] announce ARP packet when an interface is created (This only applies when ARP announcement is enabled)
[system] allow passwords until 512 characters
[webgui] add warnings message when a bad backend priority configuration could put the farm out of service

[networking] fix an error showing the MAC in virtual interfaces
[networking] fix an error announcing ARP when the cluster is not set
[proxy] the NG proxy is disabled by default
[stats] fix an error in the networking units graphs
[ssl] fix the SSL certificate format
[ipds] improve the system management for DoS rules
[lslb] remove backends sessions before delete or stop a backend
[lslb] fix an error in l4xNAT farms that use backend with a maximum of connections
[lslb] fix an error calculating weight in l4xNAT farms that use least connections algorithm
[lslb] fix an error setting the redirect in HTTP farms
[system] fix an error starting the notification daemon
[system] returns an error when the system fails disabling duplicated networks
[webgui] add some missing messages in the translation module
[webgui] fix an error putting the backend in maintenance mode