Relianoid 6.0 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 4 June, 2019

New features:
[farms] direct server return DSR support for L4
[farms] stateless NAT support for L4
[farms] L4 core with round-robin algorithm
[farms] L4 core with IP and port hashing for both destination or source
[farms] L4 core with support of new protocols: SCTP, netbios, snmp, h323, pptp, irc, sane, amanda
[farms] L4 core with configurable persistence per source and destination IP, port or even MAC
[farms] websocket support for HTTP/S
[farms] support of OpenSSL 1.1 for HTTP/S (TLS 1.3)
[system] latest kernel 4.19 with Long Term Support (LTS)
[system] spectre and meltdown mitigations included by default
[system] integration with APT remote repositories by default
[ipds] web application firewall for HTTP/S
[webgui] new web GUI based on Angular 6
[networking] full support of DHCP
[networking] MAC address custom configuration
[rbac] dynamic menu configuration based on RBAC user permissions
[system] added factory reset

[farms] new L4 core system based on nftables
[ipds] optimized security rules based on nftables
[cluster] clustering based on nftables
[api] optimization and refactoring of the API calls
[networking] improve network link management
[guardian] more integrated advanced health checks