Relianoid 6.0.4 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 1 August, 2019

New features:
[system] migration from Relianoid 5 to 6

[cluster] nodes reconnection improvement
[system] LTS Kernel upgrade
[farms] support of source address per backend
[ipds] improved IPDS logging

[ipds] solved issue deleting remote blacklists
[system] solved netplugd issue changing default gw by mistake
[networking] modified expression to identify a Virtual Interface in the boot process
[ipds] solved blacklist deletion
[ipds] IPDS was not started properly at boot time
[farms] solved issue in the l4xnat config files generation
[farms] check if a port collision exists with l4 farms
[farms] fix backend priority in l4xnat
[system] local http config is needed to renew certificates for let’s encrypt
[cluster] fix memory leak when persistence is not enabled in a farm