Relianoid 6.0.13 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 24 October, 2019

New features:
[webgui] allowed restart WAF ruleset to apply changes
[webgui] link to farm stats from status icon inside farm edition
[webgui] allow configuring response headers in HTTP farms

[webgui] configure minutes in the range of 30 for scheduling remote blacklist downloads
[webgui] changed some tables behavior, pagination persistence and pages listing to ALL
[ipds] added blacklists download queuing
[farms] added OPTIONS verbs to the default verbs in HTTP profiles
[cluster] register farms in ssyncd only if persistence is enabled
[farms] if all ports are balanced then all protocols should be configured by default

[webgui] solved typos to destroy a cluster
[webgui] fix changing the password from RBAC Users
[webgui] fix typo in virtual interface tag
[webgui] solved typo verbs in HTTP farms
[farms] solved connection issues with farmguardian and persistence
[cluster] solved memory leaks with ssyncd
[cluster] fix ssyncd farm registration issues
[farms] fixed persistence table management in l4xnat
[system] fixed issue updating packages with proxy configured