Relianoid 6.0.1 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 26 June, 2019

New features:
[networking] support of custom script execution after configuring any route in a given interface

[api] return the Relianoid version in the session response
[system] avoid connections and cluster annoying messages in the logs
[networking] bonding will restore its default MAC address when the MAC field is empty
[networking] default MAC is stored for future restoring
[cluster] increased detailed information in web GUI cluster section

[ipds] fix WAF parse failed when the parameter was between quotes
[networking] fix DHCP config overwriting errors after disabling/enabling the service
[networking] fix static IP configuration is not configured properly after disabling DHCP
[system] execute the web server stop/start action in the background
[networking] fix solved routes were not being added if the interface was configured in UP status
[networking] fix deleted routing table inputs when bondings are unset
[networking] fix bonding status lost when unsetting the interface
[rbac] fix RBAC module mutex
[system] make SNMP community string less strict
[api] fix error 500 listing HTTP backends in API v3
[farms] fix backend alias not listed in HTTP services
[system] avoid enqueueing curl commands for license checking
[farms] fix error configuring HTTP redirect code
[system] set a token to block i-notify while the IPDS package is being updated
[farms] added less strict param for gslb which allows using check_icmp
[gui] fix left side menu was not shown properly in some Chrome versions