Relianoid 5.10 (Community Edition)

Announcement Date: 9 October, 2019

New features:
[farms] add persistence between clients and backends using hashes depending on “ip”, “port”, “mac”, “source ip and source port” or “source ip and destination port”
[farms] add option to l4xnat to set the port
[farms] add nat type based on stateless dnat
[webgui] add module to translate the webgui to a different language
[webgui] show the session tables for l4xnat farms
[webgui] retrieve the parameter list accepted by the API for a call when it is called without parameters (POST and PUT methods)

[farms] remove and modify backends using the nft mark
[farms] apply deterministic order to farm listings (sorting alphabetically). Pull request from the github user brudo, by William Bruce Dodson
[farms] do not control Access-Control-Allow_Origin header when the request is using the zapi key
[farms] disable the HTTP parameter “ECDHCurve” by default
[farms] add check to avoid port collision with l4xnat farms
[farms] lock HTTP farm config file while a service it is being modified
[farms] create a dummyTable to start the nf_conntrack module
[farmguardian] add checks for “sip” and “redis”
[system] restart web server when Relianoid is restarted
[system] set the binaries path in the global.conf file
[system] update system dependencies
[system] expand error message
[system] remove the zlb-stop and zlb-start files from the package and set them as templates
[system] postinst refactoring
[system] apply perltidy to code files
[system] move logic from API to the library
[system] remove completely iptables code and dependencies
[system] export global.conf to bash scripts
[system] set all log tags in lower case
[system] check the uploaded backups before that stores it
[system] change restart services for reloading them in cron tasks
[system] move profiling logs to debug level 5
[system] add more system information to supportsave
[api] log the JSON input parameters
[api] standardizer API calls for copying actions
[api] improve the validation of the parameters
[api] refactoring for farm module
[api] returns an error if a sent parameter was not expected for the call
[api] created a new call for getting system information
[cluster] move the local configuration to a local directory
[networking] add arp announce feature after any IP configuration
[networking] masquerade traffic towards the backend with the parent interface of the vip

[system] fix an error of looping when a backup is applied
[system] omitting commented routing tables in supportsave
[system] fix typo in output message and logs
[system] nftables is not printed in supportsave
[system] fix the regex for SNMP community and SNMP name parameters
[system] global.conf did not parse the variables with “update” tag
[farms] error returning the ciphers parameter in HTTP farms
[farms] error modifying the custom security ciphers parameter in HTTP farms
[farms] missing farmguardian parameter in the HTTP farm
[farms] solved a bug when parsing the file to add the backend in HTTP farm if the service has the same name as the farm
[farms] fix helpers protocols for l4xnat farms
[farms] force all protocol when setting all ports in l4xnat farms
[farms] fix loading helpers for natting
[farms] fix duplicated rules when the protocol is “all” in l4xnat.
[farms] solved corruption of pound file when enabling TLS/SSL in HTTPS and it was already enabled
[farms] fix the tag and mark generation per backend
[farms] do not allow the ‘prio’ algorithm parameter for l4xnat
[farms] avoid flushing the entire ruleset
[farms] l4xnat farm stats does not return any backend if the farm is down
[farms] returns the backend down if the status is config_error
[farms] fix an error in l4xnat stats with “snat”
[farms] assuring that nftlb is stopped when performing a stop
[farms] avoid the use of Expect in the curl request that can produce recv blocking
[farms] remove regexp for HTTP redirect in HTTP farms
[farmguardian] Relianoid service script was not calling to farmguardian start
[certificates] error in the certificate parameter ‘issuer’
[networking] group the routing rules by type
[networking] reload routing rules when a farm or interface is modified
[networking] fix an error setting an interface that was in the down interface
[networking] allow creating VLAN without gateway
[networking] solved bug when deleting a VIP
[networking] solved error unsetting a nic that was not applied in the system
[networking] create the nic config file if it does not exist
[networking] improved ipv4 regexp
[networking] do not allow to modify the interface used for management services (HTTP and SSH)
[system] applying backup returns success on failure
[api] change error code 400 for 404 when the certificate is not found
[api] API returns an error when it receives an array or a hash in the JSON parameter and it is not expected