Relianoid 5.2 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 12 June, 2018

New features:
[farms] Option to enable traffic logs for LSLB, DSLB, GSLB and the connection tracking
[farms] Support of aliases for backends
[networking] Support for aliases per NIC, bonding, VLANs and virtual interfaces.
[system] Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to define new users, groups and permissions to actions in the system
[api] API 3.2 to manage all the new features
[networking] IPv6 Support for NICs, VLANs, Virtual Interfaces, Bonding and routing
[farms] IPv6 Support for HTTP and L4xNAT farms

[guardian] Improve of usability with several built-in health checks
[farms] More descriptive error messages for HTTP/S farms
[farms] Configurable redirect code for HTTP/S farms
[farms] Backend servers disabled if redirect is used for HTTP/S farms
[farms] Configurable Strict Transport Security header by service in HTTP/S farms
[farms] Improve of session table stats for LSLB farms
[system] Improve of message logs to syslog
[networking] Validation of network configurations
[networking] Automated virtual services configuration when modifying the network configuration
[networking] Real time networking packets/throughput stats per second