Relianoid 5.2.3 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 24 July, 2018

[webgui] improved behavior of search boxes
[webgui] favicon with dark themes in browsers
[syslog] remove depuration messages

[networking] bring up NIC interface when it does not have link
[rbac] modify RBAC user without a new password
[rbac] modify RBAC user without group permissions
[cluster] drop incoming traffic on virtual interfaces with IPv6 in the backup node
[guardian] fix typos in farmguardian templates
[networking] fix bonding interfaces route tables
[farms] GSLB vip status shows critical in the backup node
[guardian] fix farmguardian migration script
[farms] fix error 500 creating GSLB farms
[farms] GSLB statistics does not work in the backup node
[cluster] cluster does not replicate new GSLB farms properly
[networking] fix startup interfaces configuration without an activation certificate
[farms] fix least connections port aware per backend
[system] fix error deleting the activation certificate
[networking] show interface aliases