Relianoid 5.11 (Community Edition)

Announcement Date: 12 May, 2020

New features:
[system] introduce full management command line interface, named zcli
[api] introduce zapi version 4.0.1 including the new features automation
[farms] introduce L4 DSR session persistence support
[farms] reload the runtime http farm configuration when a change is done in the webgui
[farms] button to copy farms

[system] add more information to supportsave about zproxy process
[farms] allow creating farms with the same networking settings
[farms] faster start of farmguardian
[system] add verbose messages in case supportsave has not been generated properly
[system] updated netcat package used for networking test purpose
[farms] if all ports are balanced then all protocols should be configured by default
[system] improve management of errors

[farms] HTTP profile was not stopped properly
[ssl] some SSL certificates were not moved to the certificate store
[system] do not start SNMP service if it is disabled
[stats] fix an error in HTTP backend stats
[farms] enable a minimum log level for HTTP farms
[system] fix an error dumping sessions information in supportsave
[ssl] load long certificate lists in less than 1 minute
[farms] solved routing rules for sd-wan (dslb)
[system] now SNMP is started after a reboot
[farms] solved connection issues with farmguardian and persistence
[farms] fixed persistence table management in l4xnat
[system] check the networking settings before applying the configuration to avoid error messages in logs
[webgui] optimize certificates table pagination load
[farms] fixed dashboard view for dslb farms
[webgui] allow using the colon in the password field