Relianoid 5.10.1-1 (Community Edition)

Announcement Date: 3 March, 2020

New features:
[proxy] add/delete response headers
[proxy] add multi-listener support
[proxy] add support to listener config reload
[proxy] added WAF support (libmodsecurity3, disabled by default)
[proxy] added automatic memory trimmer
[proxy] add backend server priority setting
[proxy] add -R option to reload listener configuration from file

[proxy] add missing extended HTTP verbs
[proxy] add centralized regex manager
[proxy] add listener CTL management support
[proxy] schedule redirect response if backend connection fails
[proxy] do not load balance if only 1 backend is present
[proxy] add better information in logs
[proxy] set static maximum SSL handshake retries
[proxy] added case insensitive comparator to Headers map

[proxy] fixed incomplete response parse continuation
[proxy] fixed Location and Content-Location wrong protocol if RewriteLocation=2
[proxy] fixed crash parsing an HTTPS listener
[proxy] fix session cookie header value parser
[proxy] invalidate sessions if the backend is down
[proxy] fix cookie session-id comparation
[proxy] fix crash on process exit
[proxy] reply err503 on abrupt connection close by the backend
[proxy] fix malformed log data