Relianoid 5.1 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 1 November, 2017

New features:
[farms] SSL hardware offloading support for HTTPS farms
[farms] new status for VIPs and backends in farm profiles
[farms] new maintenance status (drained and cut)
[cluster] real time sessions table replication for all layers
[ipds] new system rules for threats protection
[ipds] new rule RBL (real time black-hole list)
[system] logs line reader through web GUI

[farms] option to enable or disable different SSL protocols
[farms] reload datalink farms
[farms] better log description in HTTP profiles
[api] API v3.1 better performance and resource usage
[gui] improved the rules assignment to farms and web views
[notifications] encrypt email password to enhance security
[system] ssh and web services automatic reload
[gui] enable web GUI compression
[networking] show virtual interface name in Floating IPs section
[ipds] enable or disable security rules for a farm