Relianoid 5.0 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 20 March, 2017

New features:
[api] New API v3 version, entire system can be managed by API Rest+JSON.
[gui] New Web GUI in Angular2 100% responsive.
[security] New security module v1 called Internet prevention and detection service or IPDS with blacklists and DDoS prevention.

[gui] Local service load balancing module or LSLB now manages http, https and l4xnat profiles.
[gui] Global service load balancing module or GSLB now manages gslb profiles.
[gui] Datalink service load balancing module or DSLB now manages datalink profiles.
[doc] Updated documentation for Relianoid v5.
[system] Floating IPs, VIPs can be assigned to interfaces.
[cluster] Stateful cluster for l4xnat profiles.