Relianoid 5.0 (Community Edition)

Announcement Date: 12 February, 2018

New features:
[gui] A new web GUI frontend in Angular
[api] New API JSON+REST capabilities for processes automation
[networking] New networking section for a better management and configuration of interfaces
[farms] New LSLB module (Local Service Load Balancer) which manages both L4xNAT and HTTP/S profiles
[farms] Two different maintenance modes (cut and drain) for HTTP[S] and L4xNAT profiles
[farms] Improved HTTPS profile with new options to Enable / Disable SSL/TLS protocols
[farms] Max number of connections by backend server in L4xNAT profile
[farms] New DSLB module (Datalink Service Load Balancing) which manages uplinks and inbound LB
[farms] New farms status (UP, DOWN, Critical and Problem)
[farms] New backends Status (UP, DOWN, Maintenance and Undefined)

[system] Faster response based on REST API
[gui] Improved look and UX
[system] Enhanced logs management
[support] Support save options for better troubleshooting and support
[system] Linux Kernel based in a common Debian Stretch
[system] Easier upgrade by modules and transitions to Enterprise
[system] Improved the backup and recovery procedure