Relianoid 5.0.9 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 2 August, 2017

[ipds] IPDS rule was unset for the farms if the rule was renamed
[gui] Changed the error message when the activation certificate is wrong
[gslb] Not allowed two services with the same ID anymore
[ipds] Disabled blacklists rule from system when Relianoid process stops
[lslb] Change to least conns in l4xnat profile returned an error
[cluster] Zeninotify is not stopped when cluster node is in maintenance
[cluster] ARP responses were not disabled when cluster is in maintenance
[gslb] Sync a GSLB config directory to BACKUP node in creation time
[ipds] Not allow to create IPDS rules with the reserved name ‘rule’
[farms] Set and unset wildcard certificates in HTTPS farms
[ipds] SSH brute force rule were loaded twice in system at Relianoid first start
[lslb] Allowed DNAT mode for SIP protocol in l4xnat profiles
[net] Default GW was deleted for table main if GW for local table was deleted

[system] Stats Block has been deleted from conntrackd configuration file
[system] make selectable the kind of ARP announcement packets
[ipds] Fit the maximum number of sources for a blacklist
[cluster] Added a cluster exception to IPDS module in order to avoid to block cluster IPs