Relianoid 5.0.4 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 4 May, 2017

[system] Increased information captured in supportsave
[system] Do not log more bonding warning messages

[gui] Fix minor bugs related with stats view
[gui] List all used ssl certificates in a running HTTPS farms
[gui] List all available interfaces when edit / create a farm
[farms] Modified logs related to farmguardian when an error is detected
[farms] Least connections algorithm doesn’t detect configured backends
[system] SSH never starts if ssh service is configured in a given IP instead of all IPs
[farms] Kernel modules for sip, ftp or tftp were not loaded properly
[farms] Services Not renamed properly when service name includes farm name string
[farms] Reset UDP packets tracking when any config change is done
[stats] Disabled pending connections information for UDP protocol
[stats] Bugfix in HTTP farms established connections for backends
[farms] Fixed disabling l4xnat IP persistence