Relianoid 5.0.3 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 21 April, 2017

[support] Include system and cluster details for better analysis in supportsave
[gui] Add test notification button for email notification method
[gui] Add update button when editing remote blacklist
[gui] Change update buttons to updating… when clicked

[ipds] Load blacklist when applied to a farm only if the farm is running
[farms] Allow to create several resources with same name in GSLB farms
[cluster] Fix cluster in 3000 series appliances
[gui] Do not require password in email notification method
[gui] Do not allow setting a port in L4xNAT farms when balancing all protocols
[gui] Notify after updating when the port or IP address has been changed
[gui] Fix URL when the GUI HTTP port is changed
[gui] Fix error message on some request failures
[gui] Some GUI style fixes