Relianoid 5.0.2 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 31 March, 2017

[gui] Messages when there is login error
[gui] Info button in dashboard
[gui] Change icon and tooltip for unset farm in ipds rules
[system] Remove deprecated configuration script

Bug fixes:
[farms] Fix L4xNAT pending and established stats
[system] Add to supportsave arp filtering, node status and L4xNAT persistence
[system] Fix configuration of management interface in zenbui
[networking] Use routing rules per subnet instead of per ip
[gui] Refresh button in stats
[gui] Responsive in stats tables
[gui] Update cluster status after a logout or expired session
[gui] Close selection form when kept open and the view is changed
[gui] System stats responsive
[gui] HTTP Redirect regular expression
[gui] Allow to apply DoS rules (IPDS) to any kind of farm profile