Relianoid 5.0.1 (Community Edition)

Announcement Date: 2 July, 2018

[farms] Locking system for http configuration files
[networking] Add a check to verify the virtual IP when starting a farm

[stats] L4xNAT statistics does not show backends list
[stats] HTTP does not show the virtual interfaces stats
[farms] Fix L4xNAT farms and datalink renaming
[farms] Allow character ‘_’ for HTTP service names
[networking] Run virtual interfaces in the start process
[certificates] Fix the load of certificate field ‘Issuer’
[supportsave] Don’t use arptables to resolve IPs
[farms] Remove critical status in HTTP farms when a redirect configured
[farms] Allow setting the backend parameter ‘port’ as blank
[farms] Modifying a L4xNAT farm returns error sometimes
[services] Error parsing the file ‘resolve.conf’
[farms] Use a more restrictive regular expression to get farm file name