Zen Load Balancer v3.10 (Community Edition)

Announcement Date: 29 March, 2016

New features:
[sys] New Kernel Updated to 3.16 (Debian Jessie Base)
[sys] Debian packages consolidation
[farms] Allow to edit farms with stopped status

[farms] TCP profile deleted, L4xNAT should be used instead
[farms] GSLB Profile deleted
[sys] L7 profile for HTTP[S] core updated with distro package
[sys] Openssl Library updated with distro package
[sys] Cluster service updated with distro package
[sys] Web GUI service updated with distro package
[sys] Added and updated libexec scripts
[sys] Include disks information through snmp

Bug fixes:
[farms] Minor bugs fixing related to HTTP farms services
[farmguardian] Fix persistence sessions losing L4xNAT after deactivating a backend
[farms] Fixed online weight calculation L4xNAT farms
[net] Minor bugs fixed in section Conns Stats
[gui] Fix special characters issue with root/admin password