Zen Load Balancer v3.06 (Enterprise Edition)

Announcement Date: 17 February, 2015

New Features:
[farms] New Least Response HTTP algorithm
[farms] New SNI multiple certificates handler for HTTPS farms
[farms] SAN certificates added support. Disable exit error when CN is not present.
[farms] New xHTTP PATCH verb support for HTTP farms
[farms] L4 SIP improvements, FTP and TFTP support. Least Connections algorithm.

[farms] Enable DNAT option for SIP protocols
[cluster] Clustering gratuitous ping support
[farms] Pound patches until 1 Nov 2014
[net] Static routes improvement
[farms] Several SIP farms support in different ports
[farms] Updated GSLB farm

[farms] SIP connections are not being shown in the web GUI
[farms] SSLv3 vulnerability POODLE patch
[farms] CRIME attack vulnerability patch
[farms] Validate service name within HTTP farms without no valid characters
[gui] Networking extension functions ending file bug
[gui] Problem syncing the root password through the web GUI
[farms] Rename RRD files to the new farm name
[farms] Delete old farms graphs
[sys] Dependency order for SSH and zenloadbalancer services
[cluster] Startup cluster service bugfix