Zen Load Balancer v3.05 (Community Edition)

Announcement Date: 26 August, 2014

New Features:
[farms] L4 SIP load balancing support
[farms] Simple GSLB load balancing support
[ssl] Granted CA SSL Certificates automatic generation
[gui] Dynamic news platform support

[gui] HTTP farm client request timeout with unit “seconds”
[gui] Refreshing timeout for farms status view
[cluster] Improved RSA synchronization
[gui] Advise message regarding no cluster configuration found
[gui] return back button to All Farms in farm edition panel

[farms] Datalink farm wrong info in farms table
[farms] FG backend status file mutex implementation
[gui] date-time wrong formatted fix
[farms] Modification of Priority and Timeout parameters could cause a inconsistency in the HTTP/S farms configuration file
[farms] Farmguardian error in TCP farms, the backends are not remaining down while FG is checking them.