Version 2rc3

Announcement Date: 28 February, 2012


[farms] Custom ciphers form for https farm
[farms] HTTP and HTTPS maintenance mode lose configuration
[cluster] Cluster failover by itself
[cluster] Cluster failover master node returns to backup on equals mode
[system] Configure the default apt sources for v2
[gui] Max length in virtual interface field
[gui] Only allow numeric characters in vlan field
[gui] Change position for Test RSA button
[farms] Max Connections for real servers could produce a farm to close connections


[farms] Setting algorithm for uplink load balancing: weight and priority.
[gui] Sort monitoring graphs.
[gui] Check http(s) farms configuration before stop
[gui] Expand farm name in the top of the Manage Farms panel
[cluster] Maintenance mode for cluster nodes
[cluster] Disable _modify cluster type_ in the backup node
[cluster] Include VHID param in cluster configuration
[gui] Increase farm’s name field size