Version 2rc2

Announcement Date: 13 February, 2012


[networking] Deleting VLAN interfaces
[networking] Problem configuring VLAN interface over a down physical interface
[gui] No connections appears for status backends when the farm is started over a virtual interface
[cluster] Failover button always failback to the primary node – Change ‘Force failover’ to ‘Test failover’ text button
[farms] Disable rewrite location for HTTP farms
[gui] Fix HTTP/S farm configuration CSS
[gui] SSL certificates uploading from Windows systems shows the full file path
[gui] Treatment of special characters under the farmguardian field
[gui] Shows the default global gateway under the interfaces table when an interface hasn’t a route table
[gui] CPU rrd graph always show the same values
[gui] Incorrect CPU and MEM farms data in Global View


[gui] Don’t show overflowed age clients in the farm status panel
[gui] Improve SSL certificates panel
[cluster] Improve cluster startup
[cluster] Improve SSH connection between nodes
[farms] Keepalive configuration for inactive TCP connections through firewalls

New features:

[farms] Ciphers configuration for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance
[farms] Maintenance button for backends
[gui] Farm connections monitoring graphs
[farms] Uplinks load balancing
[gui] Change GUI port