Advanced Open Networking solution with Relianoid

Advanced Open Networking solution with Relianoid

Advanced network management, VLANs, virtual IPs, link aggregation, automated and custom routing configuration, custom static routing, and IPv6.

Open SD-WAN edge to create high availability and weighted load balancing of WAN uplinks to ensure connectivity to the cloud or between branches.

Integrated high performance security for WAN protection or configurable limited accesses.

Cutting-edge technology that permits up to 40Gbps.

Full VPN support connectivity: site-to-site support using IPsec, tunneling L2TP+IPsec, remote-server warrior mode with IPSec.

How efficient is your advanced networking implementation?


Relianoid supports up to 40Gb per second per network interface. High traffic, high performance.

Networking made easy with Relianoid


Advanced networking layer for your services and applications with the advanced user experience web GUI

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Full open networking automation capabilities with the rest API

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